Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve 2009

New Years Eve 2009 at Kent & Laurie's
Jon, Courtney, Megan, Rex, Chase, Paul, Mom & Les

Paul, Rex,Les,Chase, & Jon

Megan & John

We had a great time dong Karaoke and playing rock bank
Jon, Laura, Don & Mom

Paul & Jon

Rex taking his turn, Laura encouraging him

Chase playing the drums

The rock bank group
Chase, Keith, Marianne, Parker, Paul, & Rex

Chase, Mom, Laura, Don, Corinne, & Laurie

Jon, Chase, Keith, Marianne, Parker, & Rex

Chase & Rex celebrating the new year

Jon & Megan


Corinne & Corinne

Kent & Laurie - wonderful hosts

Keith, Jon, Paul & Rex

George, Les, Mom & Corinne

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas Day!! The boys were kind to their parents and we didn't really get going until about 9:00 am. Chase was really ready by that point but I insisted on getting ready for the day. Les putting the finals presents under the tree.

The boys getting ready to open presents.

One last picture before presents.



Chase explaining the present he gave to Rex

Ready to open stockings

Every year the boys ask for a WII and every year we tell them not this year maybe next year. This year they didn't even ask because they knew what the answer would be. To their surprise this was the year. I was amazed I could keep it a secret. This is the shot of them opening the box and the shock at seeing the WII in it.

Rex playing with his batman castle. He has an amazing imagination.

We all received sunglasses for Christmas.
This is Rex modeling his on the way to Grandma's in Lindon

Chase in his cool dude sunglasses and his new BYU sweatshirt.

It was a great day. Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with Mom and lots of family. Wayne and Gwen were in charge and they did a fabulous job. We started with great appetizers and mingling. There was the traditional program with a presentation from each family. Once again Grant & Sandra were the most creative with their family sporting Utah and BYU clothing and singing about the Max Hall incident to Christmas carols. Chase did a great job representing us with a piano rendition of Carol of the Bells. We then played the white elephant game. I was happy that we did not come home with the things we brought. I specifically showed the wrapped gifts to the boys and suggested they pick something else. Chase ending up with a world globe without a stand and Rex received some wonderful index cards. I am pleased to say that our wiggles car donation to the game was one of the hot items of the night. The grandchildren then opened their presents from Grandma. Chase was pleased with his Indiana Jones Lego set and Rex was happy with his mag formers. He built the Liahona for everybody to see. It was a great night. A few shots from the event. Chase practicing his piano piece for the program. Our camera didn't work during the actual performance.
Suzanne and Scott

Keith and Doug


Kent (doesn't he look like Mission President material.)

John Hyrum, Emily & Rex

Becky, Andrew, Ali

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009


Les, Margaret, Chase & Rex
Christmas 2009

These boys make me smile

I am finally current on the blog. Yea!!!

The boys love playing with their stuffed animals. Yesterday they found all the stuffed animals in the house and put them in the living room. Rex then organized them by animal families and color. They picked them up before I could get a picture. They decided to move the fun downstairs.

Chase being the creative person he is decided the best way to carry most of the animals was to stuff them in his shirt.
Downstairs they covered Chase in some of the animals.

Rex has rediscovered his love for drawing lately. Here he is creating one of his art pieces. He is very careful with the colors he chooses and the designs he makes. He gave me a beautiful book of drawings for my birthday. He has inherited his Dad's artistic abilities.

It came and it was wonderful

Sunday was my birthday. I was having a hard time accepting that this birthday was coming. Les would ask me how I wanted to celebrate and I just wanted to ignore it. I received lots of great advice from those who have already survived it and when it finally arrived it was wonderful. The day started by attending church and listening to a beautiful Christmas program. Les was the narrator and did a fabulous job.

I was honored to have Mom, Laurie, Kent, Paul, and Jon join us for dinner. We used the Spode Christmas (wedding) China and the table was beautiful (forgot to get that picture.) They were all very sweet to me as we celebrated the day. Chase and Les made me a four layer (two cake mixes) chocolate cake. It was amazing. The kids were adamant that the correct number of candles be put on the cake. Chase did have the fire extinguisher close at hand. Kent, Jon, Paul, Les & Chase are all needed to light the candles on the cake.
Getting ready to blow out the candles. I need all the help I can get. Rex and Chase are ready.
We did it. It was great to have Mom with us for the celebration.

The evening finished with opening presents. Some of my favorites were the beautiful bag Chase made for me and the book of pictures Rex had drawn. I am very blessed. I have an amazing family and a great life.

Chase & Rex peform

Chase preformed in his first band concert. He has really enjoyed playing the trombone.
Chase and his friend Sam. I took this picture before the concert because the trombones sit on the back row and all I could see throughout the concert was the top of Chase's head. Each instrument group was highlighted. The trombones played the theme from Jaws.
Rex has been singing in the school chorus. This requires him to get to school early every Monday morning. He has really enjoyed learning the songs for Christmas. The chorus usually sings at several nursing homes during the holidays but because of the H1N1 virus their only concert was at school. Rex is ready to sing. He did a great job.

Chase's piano recital, Oh Christmas Tree

Chase participated in a wonderful duet piano recital. The recital took place at Dayne's music and Chase was able to play on a $100,000 Steinway Piano. He did a great job.
Chase getting ready to perform.
Rex and Chase after the concert. Rex drew this picture during the concert.

Chase happy to have the recital.

The boys and Les did a fabulous job decorating the Christmas Tree.

The boys also decorated their own tree. Rex showing off the tree.

The boys made some of the ornaments out of perler beads.

Rex ready to play his first Jr. Jazz basketball game.