Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pictures of Rex

Today is Rex's 7th Birthday. In honor of his day I wanted to post some fun pictures of him. I will post birthday pictures later.

100th day of school

Rex did a project for the 1ooth day of school. He wanted to display 100 wristbands (elastic bands.) He made the 100 out of double stick tape and then added his wristbands of different sizes.
7 Stitches
Preparing dinner one night Rex decided to cut his own bread. Unfortunately he cut his finger as well. Those cutco knives are very sharp. We spent the evening visiting Dr. Wayne and Dr. Gwen to get their advice about stitches and then several hours at the Kidscare getting Rex stitched up. He was very good considering what he went through. He wanted to know what the doctor was doing and he even watched the doctor stitch him up. I had to sit down. It was too much for me. Rex was able to hang out at home with me for several days as he recovered. He did enjoy his time watching movies in bed. It was a very deep cut and he ended up having his stitches for almost two weeks. When the doctor took the stitches out he gave then to Rex and he was able to take them to school for show and tell. The hardest part was trying to keep his hand dry and taking short baths. Rex loves a good soak in the tub.

Sleeping with Swimmer
Rex was very brave and a good sport through the whole stitch experience. As a reward his mother bought him another Webkinz. He picked a blue whale and named him Swimmer. He wanted a picture with his new friend.

We love you Rex - Happy Birthday

Piano Recital

On February 27th we had our last piano recital with Michelle. We support her decision to stop teaching to take care of her growing family but we will miss seeing her and Helen each week at our house. It was a great event.
Mom and Dad came and supported the boys.
Chase playing his pieces.

This was Rex's first recital and he did a great job.

Chase waiting for the recital to start

Rex waiting for his turn.

Thank you Michelle for sharing your talents with us.

President's Day Bowling

I know I am a little behind on my blogging but I hope to catch up over the next month.
We had a great time on President's Day bowling with family. The kids look forward to the big event each year because they know it is the one time they get to go bowling.

Chase getting ready to roll a strike

Megan and Clark

Chase pleased with his roll.
Rex ready to take his turn
Mary, Aaron and Emily
Libby, Sarah, Rex, Gwen and Kiersten