Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Years Eve

We had a great New Years Eve party with family. We had lots of food and fun. We each wrote down a resolution and then tried to guess who's it was. There were many surprises. My goal was to keep up on my blog. I am a little slow but still trying. It was so great to sit and visit with the adults while the kids enjoyed a movie. Dad, Jon (before leaving for his other evening activities) and Laurie
Ethan, Rex, Emily, Mikayla, Aaron and Chase.

We decided to celebrate the new year with New York City so at 10:00 p.m. we put on our hats and brought in the new year.
Mom, Dad, Chase, Mikayla, Mary, Jeff, Kent, Laurie, Les, Aaron, Ethan, and Rex
Laurie, Kent & Chase

Laurie and Kent - I just noticed that Kent's tie and hat match.

Mom & Dad
Mary, Jeff and Mikayla

It was a perfect way to start 2009. Happy New Year family and friends.

Winter Fun

The Big Icicle
We have experienced an extremely cold winter this year. We have terrible insulation in our roof. The result is that we had a huge icicle off our roof. It was the full length of our house. Les eventually climbed on the roof and knocked it off.
This is the bottom of the big icicle. Les is standing on the patio to take this picture.
Top of the icicle from the family room.

We enjoyed a fun afternoon of sledding. We are lucky to live close to the school which has a great sledding hill.
Margaret and Rex after walking up the road to our house after sledding.

Les launching Chase on the tube.

Rex working on shoveling our driveway just one more time.

Christmas Day 2008

We had a great Christmas. The boys made it so much fun. We do not have a chimney in our house, so we improvise with placement of our stockings.

Les and the boys did a great job decorating the tree again this year. It was terrific.

We planned on going to Lindon on Christmas Day. We were up early, opened presents and got on the road. We were able to go as far as Draper but had to turn back because of the weather. We were able to celebrate with the Tippetts several days later.
We visited Grandpa and Grandma

Les, Chase and Rex take a break during the fun of opening presents.

Chase and Rex in front of the tree.

Christmas Eve 2008

We had a great evening on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed great food, a fun program, a great white elephant exchange and presents from Grandpa and Grandma.
This is Rex with his white elephant from the evening. The rest of the story is that we brought this gift. We have been trying to pass on all the stuffed animals we have acquired through the years. We thought it would be fun to share them with others in our family. Little did we know that Rex would pick the one that we brought and bring it home again. I guess he wasn't ready to give it up. He has been sleeping with it every night. I am happy to report that Minnie Mouse did go to Mikayla and she was thrilled.

Rex wore this Santa hat throughout the holiday season. The reason the point is stiff is because he has stuffed if full of ribbons from presents he received during the holiday. Rex is a collector.
Chase and Rex represented our family on the program. Chase played The First Noel.

Rex played Up on the House Top. They both did a great job.

A few fun shots of the relatives.
Emily, Mikayla, Libby, Clark & Megan.
Great picture Becky.

Kiersten, Wayne & Gwen. Wayne - love the tie.