Tuesday, November 10, 2009

March 2009

I am trying to catch up for the last few months. Here are a few of our activities for March. Chase #44 playing Jr. Jazz basketball. He is really enjoying playing. He seems to be leaning toward being a defensive player. He is the tallest person on the team.

We had a great celebration for Dad's birthday at Mary's. It was great to all be together. The food and the company were excellent. We attempted a family photo.

Chase with his handcart he made for his class project.

Rex has participated in a Kindermusik class since he was 3. The class is taught by my good friend Carol. As part of their last year of the program she takes the kids to the symphony. When Les went to pick him up with Chase they were able to enjoy the instrument zoo they had at the symphony. They had a great time. Rex and Chase outside Symphony hall.
Rex trying out the flute.
Chase trying out the violin.
Hanging out at symphony hall.
This picture was taken March 30th. What a contrast.

Sunday with Grandma

This past Sunday was the primary program. The boys were blessed to have both their Grandmas attend. Chase & Rex did so well singing and sharing their parts. It was a great message about the importance of eternal families. After church we were lucky to have Les' Mom come and have dinner with us. After we had fun taking a few pictures.

Rex and Chase mugging for the camera.
Showing more creativity. Rex is holding his dog shep on his head.
Les, Grandma, Chase & Rex. We loved having grandma with us.