Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Merry Christmas

Margaret, Chase, Les, Rex

Dec 2008

2008 Review

2008 review
Jr. Jazz Basketball
Chase waiting for the rebound. Lucky #13

Cousin sleepover
We love having the California cousins back in Utah. They came and spent the night at our house. The sleeping part didn't happen until after midnight.

100th day of Kindergarten
For the 100th day of Kindergarten Rex's class dressed up as 100 yr old people. Rex is on the back row in his Grandpa's blue hat and his Dad's old reading glasses. The kids also had to bring a collection of a 100 things. Rex brought 100 paper clips.

Rexburg Temple Trip
When the Rexburg temple was announced several years ago Les told Rex that it was his temple. We watched on the Internet as the temple was built and said we would attend the open house before the temple was dedicated. Little did we know that this would happen in the middle of the winter. We made the trek to Rexburg in January. It was very very cold but well worth the trip. We loved being able to go through the temple. This is Rex standing in front of his temple.
Our family after going through the Rexburg Temple open house. The picture was taken by a wonderful young adult who was helping with parking. It must have been below freezing but he was so happy and helpful.

Rex's 6th Harry Potter Birthday Party
Rex and his wizard friends as they start their adventure at Hogwarts school of Wizardry. The boys were sorted into houses, made potions, went on a wizard treasure hunt, pinned the crest on the robe and played magical chairs. It was a fun day.

3rd Grade Science Fair
Chase did a great job on his first science project. He asked the question are you left sided or right side?

Rex 6th Birthday party with family

Happy Birthday to Rex!!

Spring cabin trip
We made the trek to the Brighton cabin for a weekend in the spring. As you can see there was plenty of snow. I was so pleased because we were able to carry everything we needed for the weekend in on our backs.

Spring Soccer

Rex waiting for his turn to be called in to play soccer.


Trip to Twin Falls
We loved our trip to Twin Falls. This is our attempt at a family picture.

Love that smile.
Chase is enjoying the water at the church office building. These boys are growing up too fast.

Piano Recital
Chase performed with all of Michelle's students at a recital. He did a great job. He has learned so much.

The rest of the year is already posted.

Megan's Wedding and Margaret's Bonfire Birthday Cake

The fire department was on call as the boys lit the candles for my birthday cake.
I was able to celebrate my birthday by attending Megan and Jon's wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. It was so wonderful to share the day with them.
Outside the temple.

The proud parents and grandparents. I have to tell you it was a very cold day. I don't think Megan and Jon even noticed the cold.

Chase loved the food at the reception. The flowers were beautiful.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

November Activites

A house full of boys. Rex and his cousin Ethan decided to create houses for themselves with cushions and chairs from around the house. The cushions have been removed from the couch along with the dining room chairs to create passage ways for entering and exiting their houses. What you can't see is that they have also gathered half of the pillows in the house to use as well.
In the family room, Chase and his friend Max created a large fort. The also used the cushions from the family room couch, the kitchen chairs, folding tables and every available sheet I could find. Underneath the sheets are the other half of the pillows in the house. Their fort included a sleeping room, game room and a weapons room.
Thanksgiving Day
We were able celebrate Thanksgiving at Wayne and Gwen's home. It was a wonderful event. This picture was taken as we were leaving. You can see we had a great time.

Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones
We rented the first Indiana Jones movie the other night and watched it with the boys. The next day the boys found these old hats of Les' and decided to become Indiana Jones and Indiana Jones. Chase has the whip and Rex has a toy gun in his hand. They decided that their Indiana Jones was not a professor but that he made bowling balls. It was very entertaining to watch and listen as they created their own adventures. Once again living proof that media does influence our children.

A day with Mom/Grandma
Grandma was so wonderful to join us for Chase and Rex's Primary program and dinner afterward. We love it when she comes to visit.


Halloween Costumes Rex was a perfect Harry Potter this year. The costume was picked because he wanted to use the wand he (his parents) purchased at the family reunion auction. When Halloween rolled around he couldn't find his wand so Chase was nice enough to lend him the wand he (his parents) bought at the reunion.
Chase was Mickey Mouse from Fantasia. His costume was designed around the magical Mickey Mouse hat he brought home from Disneyland last year. We are lucky Les still had his old red robe. The boys did very well trick or treating. Rex is still eating his candy.