Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun pictures

As part of the school's red ribbon week the kids were to come to school with crazy hair. Rex wanted his hair to go in all directions. I thought when I had boys I wouldn't have to worry about hair. I was wrong. We used lots of gel and hairspray. I am happy to report that it lasted all day.

After winning the pinewood Derby last year Chase was ready for another run at the title. His car made a good showing but the title went to another scout.

We love attending the great pumpkin growers weigh off. There was one pumpkin that weighed around 1500 pounds. It was disqualified because of a crack but it was a sight to see.

Rex has lost two teeth in the last week.

First Day of School & Chase's Birthday

The First Day of School

This is Rex ready for 1st grade. He was very excited to go to school all day. He has adjusted a lot better than his Mom. I miss having him around. He has a wonderful teacher that he really likes.
This is Chase as he begins 4th grade. He loves school and hanging out with his friends. They are studying Utah this year. I have been helping out in the classroom and find out that I don't remember how to write in cursive.
Chase celebrated his 9th birthday. Most of my pictures didn't turn out but here he is opening one of his presents. He loves Star Wars legos. He is amazing how he puts them together so quickly.
For Chase's birthday this year he didn't want a birthday party but wanted to go to Lagoon. We were able to have his cousins join us for the event. In all my years visiting Lagoon I have never been there when the lines were so short. The group was able to ride on all the rides many times. Chase loved the roller coaster. I went on it with him the first time. He then continued to ride it 3 more times. It was a great day.

August activites

Several times this summer we had deer in our backyard. In August we had one deer that decided to visit several days in a row. Rex named him Dan the deer.

Here is Dan lounging on our lawn.

Rex was our expert lookout for Dan. This is Rex and Dan (I know Dan is hard to see but he is there.)

There is something about kids and water.
Chase & Rex hanging out in the rain.

We enjoyed a fun time at the Brighton cabin in August.
Our daily walk around Silver lake.
The boys on their favorite climbing rock at Silver lake. They have become experts at climbing up and down.