Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 2010

Chase & Rex played Jr. Jazz this year. I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of Rex but here are a few of Chase after his last game.
Coach Cary handing out awards and certificates
Chase with his trophy

Chase's team
FR - Josh, Jaxson, Kelton, Cole W., Jake
BR - Coach Cary, Spencer , Brinton ,Cole P., Chase , TJ

Chase practicing his trombone

President's Day Bowling
We had a great time bowling with the family.

Rex waiting for his turn.

Chase after a great throw

Rex and Helen

Chase and Mikayla


Rex after his turn.

Paul and Mary

Michelle, Heber, Nathan, Marianne, Doug, Becky & Keith
BYU Ballroom Dancers
We were able to attend the BYU Ballroom dancers when they performed at the Conference Center Theater. They were amazing and the kids really enjoyed it too. One of the kids favorite numbers was all done with black lights.
Emily, Chase, Mikayla and Mary

Margaret and Rex

Rex getting ready to dance
As part of our schools arts program they have Tanner Dance come and teach the students modern dance. Rex class did a dance about the water cycle. Unfortunately my pictures of the dancing didn't turn out but here are a few of Rex as he prepares to dance.
Rex - ready to go

Rex patiently waiting his turn.

Colonial Fair
Chase is studying US history in 5th grade. His class had a colonial fair in February. He received extra credit if he dressed up for the event.
Colonial hat from the costume store, white church shirt, baseball pants and mom's old white knee-hi socks made for a great outfit.
You look great Chase.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hawaii 2010

We had the great opportunity to go to Kauai for 10 days in January and February. Les is helping his friend David design his home in Hawaii. It was a unique vacation in that Les would go off to work in the morning and the boys and I would play all day. Les did get to spend some fun time with us but he did put over 600 miles on our rental car traveling around the island many many times. The next couple of posts will share pictures from our trip.Chase getting packed for the trip.
Les packing one of his shirts for Hawaii.

The boys waiting patiently at the airport.

Chase & Rex flying in style. Of course they do not serve any food on the planes anymore so we packed lunches for the boys to eat on the plane.

Rex, Les & Chase riding on the shuttle bus to pick up our car in Hawaii. Rex had packed a pair of shorts in his carry on bag and he changed as quickly as he could. We arrived at night and it was raining very hard. It was a white knuckle drive as Les drove on small unknown roads in a downpour. We were thrilled to arrive at our condo.
Rex, Chase & Les in front of our condo on our first morning in Kauai. We were up early because of the time change. We headed right to the beach which was about 10 minutes walk from the condo.

Ready for the beach.

Our condo for the first part of our trip. There was amazing greenery around the complex.

The bougainvillea on the path outside our door.

The first contact with the ocean. The boys had the best time.

Jumping the first wave.

One happy kid.

This was a monk seal we encountered on the beach. They come up on the beach to sleep. They put yellow tape around them so that they are left alone.

The boys in the water.

A shot of poipu beach park.

to be continued...........

Hawaii 2010

Poipu Beach Park
Rex, Chase & I spent a fun day at Poipu State Park. The condo we stayed in was equipped with beach toys and mats that we could use. The kids had a great time playing in the waves and building a sand castle.
Rex enjoying the water
Chase working on his sand castle

Rex loving the water

Rex & Chase showing off their creation.

The sunset at poipu beach

After 4 nights in Poipu we moved to the north shore and Princeville. We took the day to visit Waimea canyon.

This is our great red car. We were glad to have a big car for all our luggage.

The day was overcast. We were lucky to see parts of the canyon. It really is an amazing site.

Waimea canyon waterfall

Rex got a little car sick riding up the canyon. We stopped to help give him some air. He wasn't happy about having to pose for a picture.
Our last good shot of the canyon before the clouds rolled in.

We drove to the top of the canyon in hopes of a clear view. We were not so lucky but we wanted to document that we were there.

The best view we could get at the top.

A family shot at the top of the canyon.

Hawaii 2010

Anini Beach
We had several days of rain but it didn't stop us from enjoying the water
Chase, Les & Rex snorkeling
Chase, Les & Rex

Our Condo was very close to the Princeville Hotel. This is a view from the mail lobby balcony. The buildings straight ahead are the Hanalei Bay Resort where we spent part of our honeymoon almost 12 years ago. The hotel had been changed to a condo resort and it was sad to see how they have not kept up the property. It was a fun trip down memory lane.

There are roosters and hens all over Kauai. They wake you up in the morning and you see them everywhere. This is a mother hen and her chicks that were right outside our condo balcony.

Outside our Princeville condo after church. We had a wonderful time visiting the Hanalei Branch.

This is the fountain at the entrance to Princeville and our condo.
Fun church in Hanalai.

Fun building next to the cute church.
There were several of these large fields.
This is on the road from Princeville to Lihue. I thought these trees looked like the ones from Go Dog Go.

We spent part of a day with David (Les friend building the house) and he took us to some fun out of the way beaches. These were some of the homes close to the beach. Apparently they are in a flood zone.

The family at one of the many great beaches.

Chase, Rex, Margaret & David

Les & Rex checking out the water

Rex enjoying the water.

This is PJ Cruiser. He was a cat that would come onto our balcony at the condo. The boys enjoyed playing with him. His collar tag gave us his name and said not to feed him. You can see why.
Tunnels Beach
One of our favorite days was at Tunnel Beach. It was a little tricky to find and it required a little bit of walking but well worth it. It was a snorkeling paradise. The water was calm and there was lot to see. Chase snorkeled for at least 2 hours straight. It was a perfect day. The beach has a beautiful view. This is where the original South Pacific was filmed so we called it Bali Hai mountain.

A stop of our trek back to the car after a great day at the beach.

On our final day before heading to the airport we stopped at the Princeville Hotel again and enjoyed a last view of this beautiful island.
A final family shot. You have to love curly hair and humidity
We had an amazing time. The boys were great travelers and the location can't be beat.
We arrived at LAX at 4:00 am and had a 4 hour layover. Les found a bunch of the Delta blankets so the boys tried to sleep a little while we waited for our flight. Chase was the only one that really was able to sleep. Luckily our flight for LAX to SLC was very empty so we could all spread out and catch a few ZZZ at the last leg home.